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Hey, I'm Rachel - a dancer since birth, I love to create, perform, and smile often all while probably taking in a thought provoking podcast on humans + psychology.

That’s Chris, my husband. He’s a smarty pants electrical engineer, and loves all things fast: his motorcycle, his drone, and working on rollercoasters. Our puppy named Lucy (born in December 2018) completes our lil’ family.

With day to day life in Orlando, you can find us at either Universal Studios, a nearby farmer’s market, a local mexican food joint with friends, or off filming a wedding or branding trailers for other creativepreneurs!

We share a passion for videography! Being married, we love filming weddings too! If that’s what brought you to find us, we invite you to message us using the contact tab + tune into our facebook to see some of our work, reviews, and community.

talk to you soon and continue below if you’d like to know more about us, hurdles that shaped us, and our approach to filming!



our story | lessons of love + creativepreneurship

We tend to have a frequent case of wanderlust + adventure seeking. Some of our best times have been around adventure travel with good friends and exploring gorgeous places - fun fact, we surfed on some of our 1st dates! Most of those 1st dates in Summer 2012 included making videos! Surfing, skateboarding, you name it: like GoProing with a homemade “selfy stick” before they were a thing ☺️ - anything that seemed fun we made a “video date” of it.

Thus early on, we learned that we shared a passion: videomaking...

2014 - long distance hardship / new creative outlet

Our, now 2 yr relationship, faced a hurdle:

I took a tour contract for 10 months with DisneyLive, something Chris knew I wanted before we met... and Chris stayed in Orlando. This time taught us hard work, charisma, and dedication to make things work. Before I left, I was gifted a new camera (since everyone knew I loved photo + film) and then that October, Chris bought me a GoPro for my birthday!! I was ecstatic - and filmed everything. You can ask all my cast-mates on tour how often I had a camera in my hand during the 300+ cities we traveled, and it’d be ‘oh, all the time!’ ha!

so all of tour i ‘travel vlogged’, learned more about cameras (the nerdy specs and all), and one cold week in Fargo, ND with a steady temperature of 14 degrees - i bundled up in our hotel to an online workshop on cinematography + filmmaking. The creative doors in my mind were open, and I was inspired.

Directing my attention to creativity + storytelling from within, really helped during the tough times of missing Chris, home, family + friends - but my desire to document and show them what I was experiencing to hopefully, in some capacity, have them experience it with me, was 100% my goal of filming travel. Journaling was also for my own terrible memory’s sake, but actually - the video + blog entries have served it even more.

It’s so true that it’s one thing to travel the world, but it means more to experience it with loved ones.

2015 - relearning + reconnecting to home

Back in Orlando, and with Chris, we were so thankful! Distance makes the heart grow stronger! With money saved up from tour, I splurged on 2 things I’d wanted: Lasik surgery + a ‘professional camera’! It took some time, but getting back into the swing of things was tough. I really got into cooking & healthy living (a huge motivation being that a few of my family members have had cancer. My dad is still kicking its butt!)

Combining the new camera + motivation to act / perform again + healthy living - I jumped on Youtube and that became my newest creative outlet reviewing workout programs and plant based cooking! (like this video)

While getting grounding back home, I can’t discredit the urge I had for finding a church I felt at home with so my spiritual confidence was up - all while these creative endeavors boosted my self confidence and experience in understanding what it’s like being both in front of and behind a camera.


It was during a trip to San Diego visiting our friends and family. At my favorite oceanside park there, I somehow didn’t catch onto anything and wound up running around the whole day filming (Chris too) - which turned out to be my own surprise engagement! 


2017 - 1st wedding film / getting married + adventure honeymoon

Being in lovebird mode, we connected with a couple and wound up filming our 1st wedding! While we simply loved the day + the people, we felt it was a great learning experience and weren’t sure how we did.. but just created a wedding film that felt told the story of the day! Shortly after we received multiple inquiries from that one (our 1st) wedding film, and its been a snowball effect since. That November, we tied the knot in South Beach (after yet more logistic hurdles of Hurricanes hitting south florida) and then adventured off to Mexico for our one week honeymoon in Tulum + Cancun!

perfect for eco-loving little adventurers like ourselves! full blog post + how it was the best budget friendly honeymoon

Its been a fun adventure so far of filming ALL THE SPECIAL MOMENTS in life both for ourselves and others! Some of my favorite memories being group trips like this 12-Day trip to Maui

conclusion | life lessons + our approach to filming

loving someone won’t be perfect all the time - there’ll be hurdles and unideal situations, much like a wedding day. with weddings, that’s why we love filming it all - even the raw, organic, weird, quirky moments. there’s so much heart compressed into one small day, so we strive to never take away from those moments but just capture them in the raw so they can be relived by those who were there, and lived by those who couldn’t be there.

imperfection will surely test you - because we live in such an ideal sense of society (i can go on about this!). these tests build your own confidence, character AND your relationship! there’s always a reward to a challenge we face, whether we see it then or not.

we always love making new friends and connecting with likeminded people! every couple that we film, we consider them friends by the time wedding day comes around. thank you for reading our story! we invite you to shoot us a message so we can plan a coffee date, get to know YOU and see if we’d make a great fit for any of your film + storytelling needs!

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