A Bohemian Garden Fiesta Wedding | Astrid + Robbie

Astrid and Robbie are two of the most beautiful souls that God has graced this earth with!! They radiate an ecstatic energy, an infectious sense of warmth, and good nature to which you could truly see in their mexican-themed, garden wedding. Everything from the live mariachi band to the raw, unplanned, tearful vows made this day of celebration feel so organic!

We couldn’t have felt luckier to capture this special day, and be surrounded by their love. They’re truly inspiring! Their passion for life, friends + family, and each other, is a sweet reminder of the capacity with which our hearts were created to feel so full yet be so selfless and, like Astrid said about Robbie who, “gives and gives SO much love to others.”


In The Balance - Steven Gutheinz

Justin Doan

Break the Sky - Flagship